Obtain flexibility and lower production costs with Blue Line's mobile trolley concept

Do you find that your fixed mounted HMI monitors and PCs can be inflexible and cost-intensive? Blue Line now provides Mobile Operator Stations, which can be mounted with HMIs, monitors, PCs, keyboards etc. Obtain a flexible production and reduce cleanroom installation and manufacturing costs.

Blue Line's Mobile Operator Stations make it easy to perform a sterile and hygienic production within the life science and pharmaceutical industries. With hygienic wheels, the trolley is highly mobile, ready for use wherever you need it.

Blue Line’s Mobile Operator Station

Raise lower function of mobile trolley

•  is ergonomically correct and e.g. has a raising/lowering function, so the trolley can be adjusted to different working heights


•  has built-in hotswap batteries, which ensure continuous operation


Mobile Trolley med keyboard

•  can be mounted with keyboard, scanner and other options.



Blue Line’s Mobile Operator Station is also cleaning-friendly due to its thoroughly thought-out construction and design. Compared to mobile solutions from other suppliers, the Mobile Operator Station is significantly more lightweight, which makes it extra mobile and safe to move around.


Reduce costs with Blue Line's Mobile Operator Station

When using the Blue Line mobile Operator Station, you can cut costs in different areas:

  • Reduction of cleanroom construction costs without fixed mounting of the HMI etc.
  • Reduction of the number of HMIs as they can be moved around as required
  • Reduction of conversion costs when changing between different recipes

Blue Line's Mobile Operator Station concept cuts costs and provides a more flexible production.

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