Mobile Operator Station T3000

The most complete operator station offering ultimate mobility and ergonomics for IT operation in cleanrooms and biotech. Enable full digitization of workflows and achieve a flexible position that is prepared for future needs for changes in production.

Save installation costs compared to traditional HMIs. Maintenance and service on a mobile HMI is simple and does not require shutdown of the cleanroom. Reduce the number of terminals, as mobile HMIs can cover more operator positions and needs. Typically one Blue Line Mobile Operator Station saves the need for 2-3 permanently installed HMIs.

Equip with one or two HMI/monitors, client, keyboard/mouse, scanner, printer etc. and achieve greater productivity with Blue Line Mobile Operator Station technology.

Crafted from AISI 316L stainless steel in a design and construction that are very easy to clean and disinfect. Withstands all known cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Best in class ergonomics and user satisfaction due to the stepless electric height adjustment via actuator supporting both seated and standing operation. Antistatic, sterile casters make it easy to move around as needed, always ready for use when needed.

The mobile operator station T3000 is available in different models configured to your needs. The basic model is powered by AC only. The most popular model is powered by either AC or integrated hot swappable batteries for easy and continuous 24/7 productivity. Batteries charge by the integrated charger or by external battery charger and secures maximum mobility.

A compartment box leaves room for customer approved client, router and other equipment. Let us configure your mobile operation station according to your requirements.

Blue Line’s modular design makes it possible to configure to specific needs in functionality, finish and environment. Get free advice from our experts and let us set up a Teams meeting for an online demo and Q&A. Benefit from our experience and knowledge based on numerous installations in biotech and pharmaceutical sites around the world.

• Ultimate mobility and ergonomics for IT operation in cleanrooms and biotech
• Meets GMP and FDA requirements for cleanroom operation
• IP65 water and dustproof
• Easy to clean and keep sterile
• Withstands all known cleaning agents and disinfectants
• Stainless Steel AISI 316L (work surface available in different materials)
• Electric height adjustment for seated and standing operation
• Fixed angle of HMI/monitor (optional tilt and swivel)
• Anti-static and lockable casters
• Equipable with one or two HMI/monitors, client, keyboard/mouse, scanner, printer etc.
• Room for client and other equipment
• Optional wireless operation (WIFI and Bluetooth)
• Powered by 90-264V AC or optional integrated batteries
• Optional battery system with 24/7 capability
• 2 batteries with a capacity up to 400Wh
• Full hot swap battery supports for 24/7 operation
• Integrated battery charger
• Battery power status display
• Optional external charger for 2 or 4 batteries
• Long product life cycle
• Configuration according to your requirements

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Model Type

Mobile Operator Station


Acid resistant stainless steel AISI 316L


All known cleaning agents and disinfectants

4 x anti-static casters with brakes


Ingress Protection


Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C
Storage temperature -20°C to +60°C
Humidity 10 to 90% @ 40°C (non-condensing)
Tested to meet the mechanical stability and safety according to IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition
UKCA compliant

Equipable with one or two HMI/monitors
HMI swivel (optional) +/- 60° to the left and right continues by hand (without tools) with fixed 5° upward tilt
HMI tilt (optional) -5° and +20° continues by hand (without tools)

Integrated in HMI or placed in the mobile operator station’s compartment

Customisable depending on client configuration
Video Interface
Optional integration for WIFI and Bluetooth including antenna
802.11a, b, g, n, ac, ax (WIFI 6) and Bluetooth 5.1 (Windows 10)
802.11a, b, g, n, ac and Bluetooth 5.0 (compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 10)
Work Surface
Chemical resistant compact laminate with Excellent 24-hours SEFA chemical test results
Size 58cm x 64cm
Stainless steel work surface (optional)

Height adjustment
Electric height adjustment for both seated and standing operation 
Total Height 142 to 170cm
Top Display Height 137 to 165cm
Work Surface Height 81 to 109cm
Height Adjustment Up to 28cm

2 models available. Model 1: powered by 90-264V AC only. Model 2: powered by 90-264V AC  or integrated batteries
Batteries charge by internal charger when T3000 is plugged to AC or by external battery charger (optional)
Configurable with 2 batteries with a total capacity up to 400Wh
Each battery has a capacity of 160Wh or 200Wh
Standard battery configuration: 2 x 160Wh (total 320Wh)
All batteries are hot swappable for continuous 24/7 operation
Battery status indicator - LCD display with remaining battery time
Accessories Included
Power cable
LAN cable

Accessories Optional
Stainless steel work surface
Stainless steel scanner bracket
Batteries 160Wh or 200Wh
External battery charger for 2 or 4 batteries
Different casters available
Dimension and Weight
Max height 170cm 
Max width 58cm
Max depth 69cm
Weight 56kg without HMI and batteries
61kg including batteries without HMI             

Warranty and After Sales Support
Standard 1 year (option for 3 years) including batteries

Integrated WIFI and Bluetooth with hidden antennas
Battery charger for 2 batteries – Desktop or wall mount
Different casters available
Option for stainless steel table
Option for stainless steel scanner bracket and scanner
Option for thin client in compartment box
Tube mount with swivel and tilt option
Standard mounting with 10° slope
Dimensions of T3000