Competitive HMI solution for cleanrooms

Blue Line helped AbbVie with an HMI Operator Touch PC solution that provides 100% operational reliability and meets the requirements at the right price.

AbbVie is a recognised international biopharmaceutical research & development company.

In 2018, AbbVie had the task of upgrading their old GECMA HMIs at their headquarters in Cork, Ireland. Uptime is an essential factor for the productivity of the group, and the company is very dependent on their equipment running 24/7, and having 100% operational reliability. 

“Some of our HMIs were frequently in error,” says Derek Wallace, Business Technology Solutions Team Lead at AbbVie Cork. He continues: “Each HMI was connected via KVM to a PC, which was located in the room behind each cleanroom. Blue Line visited AbbVie Cork to inspect each cleanroom and take a closer look at the situation. After a thorough evaluation, Blue Line proposed that AbbVie Cork should implement Blue Line HMI Operator Touch PC with a hinged keyboard.”

By using a Blue Line HMI Operator Touch PC with a hinged keyboard with an on-board client, using a KVM extender would be superfluous. 

“This simplified our installation and reduced our costs,” explains Derek Wallace.

High level of satisfaction with the cooperation

The Blue Line HMI solution changed AbbVie’s view of how they will implement these types of applications in the future. 

“Blue Line and VisionID were involved in the project from the start, and they were available for support throughout the implementation process. Blue Line presented the optimal hardware to us, which met our requirements 100%. For AbbVie Cork, this meant the right IT hardware solution at the right price. The new Blue Line HMI Operator Touch PC with a hinged keyboard is a state-of the-art IT hardware solution with a modern design, which looks very impressive.

We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Blue Line. Ensuring quality is a key focus area at Blue Line. At the same time, they understood our need for cost optimisation. Their design and construction principles make it easy to handle and maintain the products, which results in fewer repairs and errors, and which, in the end, reduces our costs. By choosing Blue Line as a partner, we achieved a competitive solution. 

We are pleased that Blue Line and VisionID took responsibility for the project and followed it to the very end. Blue Line and VisionID are key partners for AbbVie,” Derek Wallace concludes.