Blue Line's DNA, mission, vision and values


The focal point of Blue Line is the customers' needs. First of all we listen. Through competent dialogue, we find solutions that meet requirements and expectations for product, reliability, service and delivery, etc. Also demanding challenges. In all phases of the cooperation, we stand by our quality and responsibility. It is often reciprocated by a great loyalty and long collaborations.

We have many employees with a long career in Blue Line and we see that as a quality. We also hire many new colleagues who expand the horizon and strengthen the skills. Expect a strong team spirit, great responsibility, significant commitment and a solution-oriented focus.


Blue Lines vision is to deliver IT hardware to demanding environments.


Blue Line builds unique well-thought-out IT hardware solutions for demanding environments by selecting, procuring, manufacturing and assembling components with an uncompromising dedication to quality at all stages.


Blue Line's values are: Listening, Thinking and Creating

Vision, Mission og Værdier


Is about understanding the customer's wishes and actual needs, but also about listening to colleagues and understanding each other's starting point, professionally and socially.


We focus on being an inspiring place that provides fertile ground for new ways of thinking product development, new customer relationships and collaboration, between colleagues.


By listening and thinking, we create quality. Quality in the development of products. Quality in the development of customer relationships. And quality in the collaboration between colleagues

Listening, Thinking and Creating