HMI operator panels for cleanrooms

De Forenede Dampvaskerier (DFD) had the challenge of having an IT solution located in a cleanroom. Therefore, the process of obtaining the right hardware solution for their new high-technology laundry or state-of-the-art cleanroom laundry was started.

Blue Line helped us throughout the entire process from start to finish

“Many companies within electronics, pharmaceuticals and research are completely dependent on their research and manufacturing production taking place in cleanrooms. The clothes the employees wear must therefore also be completely clinically clean. Thus, there is a need for the clothes to also be washed in a cleanroom. In the end, customers avoid getting bacteria and particles on the clothes,” says Regina Hansen, Production Manager. 

“Blue Line was not just a product supplier. We could not use a standard solution and therefore we are pleased with our cooperation with Blue Line. Blue Line followed the project from start to finish, helped along the way and answered questions on an ongoing basis throughout the entire course of the project.”

“Blue Line had the right hardware, which only had to be customized according to what we wanted. This meant the right IT solution at the right price.”

“It is a major cooperative effort to get the technical equipment to work. There are many internal and external cooperation partners involved in the project. Our internal IT department must become familiar with the equipment and, for example, the external consulting engineer must also become familiar with the equipment. We are pleased that Blue Line took responsibility for the project and followed it to the very end,” Regina Hansen continues.

DFD is one of Denmark’s largest service companies within laundry and textile rental, and offers specialised consulting, innovative solutions and reliable service."