Recommended cleaning of stainless HMI in food & Beverage production


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Cleaning guide


Overview of recommended cleaning of stainless HMI (IP69K) in food & beverage production

  • The HMI is made of a stainless steel cabinet with glass touch. Our OP133K and OP215K have a protective film that covers the glass.
  • Both cabinet and touch are cleaned with water e.g. combined with an organic detergent.  
    In case of very soiled surfaces it is possible to use high pressure cleaning compliant with the DIN 40050-9 (IP69K) standards.
    IP69K => high pressure cleaning with max. 80°C / 176°F, water pressure max. 100 bar with max. 16 liters of water per minute, the jet must not come closer to the equipment than 10 cm, preferably 15 cm.
    Only use high pressure cleaning of the product if requisite, as high pressure cleaning wears the product, and the gaskets with time would need to be replaced. 
    Please avoid unnecessary high pressure cleaning of power plugs and sockets.
  • Use a wet cloth for the cleaning of touch, power plug and cabinet, if necessary. DO NOT use a brush on the touch glass.
  • If cleaning detergents are required, use organic cleaning detergents according to EN1276 / EN1650 / EN13697 standards for use in the industrial food production.
  • Avoid the use of cleaning detergents containing chloride, acetone and methyl alcohol.
  • It is important to rinse all surfaces free of cleaning detergent residue.