Water resistant and robust 21.5” HMI withstands tough cleaning and high-pressure washing

Blue Line expands the product range of water resistant panel PCs for the food industry and other wet environments using tough cleaning and with a requirement for maximum operation reliability. The new Blue Line panel PC has a very elegant slim line design.

Blue Lines water resistant panel PCs withstand all kinds of tough cleaning including high-pressure washing. Optimum sealing and double gaskets prevent condensation within the PC. A foil on the front protects against rough use which often occurs in the food industry.

With optical bonding and 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution the monitor provides superior ruggedness against impacts and an extra impressive image.

An integrated PC without movable parts provides maximum operation reliability for many years.

HMI deliveries to major international manufacturer of processing equipment

The food industry in particular profits by this new water resistant HMI. One of Blue Line’s large customers has placed a framework order for the new Blue Line 21.5” HMI. The customer who is a global leading manufacturer of processing equipment to the food industry are using the PCs for automation of their machines, used in facilities for fish and poultry processing. In this solution the HMI is integrated on the processing equipment on a tube mount with hidden cabling.

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