HMI from Blue Line results in increased uptime and reduced costs

The customer experienced performance issues with the company HMIs. In cooperation with our partner VisionID, Blue Line has supplied more than 100 units water resistant and dust proof HMIs and keyboards used for process automation to the company. Blue Line has provided the customer with a hardware solution that runs and is serviced 24/7.

Easily operated and maintained

The customer faced a challenge with the upgrade of the company HMIs in the various departments in Ireland. The former systems provided an unsatisfactory performance, hence the search for an improved solution.

Uptime is an essential factor for the customer which is deeply dependent of the equipment running 24/7 without difficulties. Blue Line has supplied the customer with HMIs in the sizes 13.3” and 19” as well as a 21.5” mounted ergonomically on the wall with a keyboard.

“The new Blue Line HMIs look impressive and are easy to use by our operators. We are very satisfied with the fact that we decided on Blue Line solutions, which are of the highest possible quality. The design and the construction principles make the HMIs uncomplicated to operate and maintain, which leads to increased uptime and reduced IT support, lowering our costs significantly”, the customer states about the Blue Lines solution. 

Increased productivity – improved IT uptime

The food manufacturing customer is more than satisfied with the Blue Line solution. They have obtained a very competitive solution and improved results. Since the implementation the customer has experienced a significantly increased uptime in the production. The customer says:” We are very pleased with the cooperation with Blue Line and VisionID. The highly efficient collaboration between Blue Line and VisionID makes them key partners for us.”

About the customer

The customer is one of the largest world leading food manufacturers. The company counts more than 25.000 employees, almost 150 production facilities and had a €6.6 turnover in 2018.