Digitization of cleanroom workflows with lower costs and better quality

Digitization of work processes in cleanroom is one of the strongest trends in the market. Lower costs, lean production, increased automation, better registration, improved quality assurance, serialization and better user ergonomics are some of the requirements that drive the development.

As a leading trendsetter in mobile IT hardware for cleanroom, Blue Line was invited as an expert speaker to the annual ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo 2022 in Orlando.

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Mobile IT solutions mean both lower acquisition and installation costs, paving the way for the most flexible working methods and facilitating the handover between production shifts preventing mistakes and time waste.

Key components of a mobile setup are Blue Line's lightweight high-end Cleanroom Tablets and ergonomic Mobile Operator Stations.

Cleanroom Tablet CleanTablet

  • Up to 60% lighter and 60% thinner than competing tablets
  • Perfect for digitisation and optimisation of all work processes
  • Designed for unmatched flexibility and regulatory compliance
  • Withstands all known cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • Smooth surfaces without openings or crevices where unwanted contaminants can accumulate
  • Unrivalled ergonomics and high-resolution touchscreen compatible with up to 3 layers of nitrile and  neoprene cleanroom gloves

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Mobile Operator Station T3000

  • Enables full digitalisation of workflows and meets future needs for changes in production
  • One Mobile Operator Station can often support multiple machines and processes
  • Made of AISI 316L stainless steel in a thoroughly manufactured IP65 design that is very easy to clean and disinfect. Withstands all known cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • Meets regulatory requirements of GMP, FDA, ISO 14644 and other relevant standards
  • Best-in-class ergonomics and user satisfaction due to the stepless electric height adjustment via actuator that supports both sitting and standing operation
  • Build-to-order shipped with monitor, PC, thin client, scanner, cleanroom keyboard/mouse, etc.

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