As a specialist in hardware platforms for healthcare, we provide customised industrial computers and monitors that help with treatment and service of citizens and patients. Through dialogue and cooperation, we will help you to configure the optimal hardware platform that complies with all regulatory requirements. Many of our hardware platforms can be delivered without changes for many years.

Reliable hardware that meets regulatory requirements

Healthcare solutions make a huge difference for many people. We have the same approach when it comes to developing hardware solutions. Take advantage of Blue Line’s experience and competences with creating a high-quality platform with a high level of security of supply for many years. We would be pleased to enter into close cooperation with your developers to create the optimal platform, which complies with all regulatory requirements for devices and applications used in the area of health and care. 


Helps treatment and service of people within the healthcare area

Blue Line offers industrial computers and monitors for healthcare, such as monitoring, communication, alarm systems and much more at, for example, hospitals, nursing homes, home care and clinics. Solutions that help preventively, diagnose, treat and take care of patients and citizens in the best way possible.

Patient and staff

Always optimised for the requirements

Product customisation is Blue Line’s specialty. Industrial computers and monitors are customised according to your needs, from simple changes of the I/O connections and add-on cards to thoroughly customised products. As a rule, solutions are based on a combination of existing standard modules, which means lower costs and faster time-to-market, compared to other electronic development. Blue Line’s services may also include 3D construction and mechanical design, just as we can also take care of environmental tests and certifications.

Dialogue with clients

Big savings by using the same platform for a long time

Blue Line can deliver the same hardware platform for many years. In this way you avoid difficult updates for documentation, approvals, image, firmware, tests etc. In brief, we offer you big savings by product life cycle management. In some cases, we can deliver the same platform for more than 10 years. 

Product Life Cycle Management - Healthcare