Critical monitoring device for hospitals

Everyone talks about how important the stability and safety of IT equipment is. Sometimes, though, you might suspect that the importance is exaggerated a bit. In GE Healthcare’s case, however, there is no doubt: The high degree of stability and security can – literally – save human lives.

In healthcare, stability and security are important – of vital importance!

GE Healthcare develops products within electronic monitoring equipment for the healthcare industry. Equipment, which first and foremost benefits patients. This was the basis for GE Healthcare’s introductory dialogue with Blue Line. A partner was wanted that both understood the healthcare industry’s special requirements, and also could contribute with innovative solutions.

“The products we provide include equipment for electronic monitoring of patients in intensive care units, where stability and security are crucial. Therefore, it is important to have a partner that understands our business,” says Carsten Bull, Production Manager at GE Healthcare.

Alarm can save lives

Blue Line provides the central monitoring unit for GE Healthcare’s teleguard system, which monitors an intensive patient’s vital life functions and alerts the personnel if the heart rhythm, pulse or blood pressure changes significantly. The teleguard system is also wireless, so the patient can be monitored when he or she is out of bed.

The monitoring device from Blue Line is based on Intel technology and all products and components are thoroughly tested and well documented. In cooperation with GE Healthcare, Blue Line has set up a here-and-now state of readiness, which means short reaction times for service and new orders.

The cooperation on this readiness contributes, according to Carsten Bull, to documenting that GE Healthcare has chosen the right cooperation partner: “This solution shows us that Blue Line understands how important security is for our business.”