INVITATION – Webinar with 7StarLake and Intel

We invite you to an exclusive webinar hosted by our partners, featuring prominent speakers from 7StarLake and Intel. The webinar will center around the theme "Unleashing the Future: Super Computing Capabilities through HPC and 5G Integration".

Thursday, 29th February 2024, from 14:00 to 16:00 (GMT+1/CET)

Platform: Microsoft Teams (Once registered, you will receive a Teams link that will grant you access to the webinar.)

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Program Highlights

The webinar program will feature insightful discussions on the groundbreaking intersection of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and 5G technology, exploring the immense potential to redefine the landscape of supercomputing capabilities.

  • The Synergy of HPC and 5G Technology: Unleashing Computational Power and Connectivity. Explore the foundational principles of HPC and 5G technology, understanding how their convergence goes beyond mere integration.

    Delve into the intricacies of how supercomputing capabilities seamlessly combine with ultra-fast 5G connectivity to create a dynamic synergy that transforms the landscape of computational capabilities.
  • Real-World Applications
    Discover the tangible impact of HPC and 5G in real-world scenarios across various industries, including critical infrastructure, defense, and beyond.

    Explore case studies and success stories, witnessing firsthand how this powerful collaboration is driving innovation and optimizing critical processes.
  • The Future Unveiled
    Peer into the future implications of the marriage between HPC and 5G, exploring untapped potential, emerging trends, and visionary possibilities that lie ahead.

    Understand how this convergence is charting a course toward a future where supercomputing and 5G redefine the boundaries of what is achievable.



Come and get inspired:

All presentations will be presented in English.