Go passwordless, contactless, and handsfree

With the Nymi Band, pharmaceutical manufacturers can streamline their authentication processes significantly, saving valuable time and effort, thanks to its innovative multi-factor authentication and biometric login security technology.

Blue Line and Nymi are Technology Partners

Blue Line and Nymi are Technology Partners

Blue Line proudly announces its partnership with Nymi, an industry leader in innovative security technology. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in enhancing workplace security, compliance, and productivity in highly regulated industries. By aligning with Nymi, we are dedicated to creating a more secure, controlled, and efficient working environment with an ease of use.

Nymi is a leading company in the security technology sector, providing state-of-the-art biometric login and multi-factor authentication solutions. These solutions ensure data integrity and offer robust security measures, enabling highly regulated industries to uphold compliance while saving time and improving ease of use.

"Our partnership with Blue Line creates a significant industry step forward in enhancing efficiency and connectivity on the digitized shop floor. Together, we harmonize workflows across critical aspects of the production line with a wearable, passwordless authentication solution that is seamlessly integrated with Blue Line's premiere range of cleanroom HMIs, tablets, and other devices. We are proud that our joint solution digitally empowers employees for greater productivity and job satisfaction, and this motivates our continued collaboration to deliver innovation where it matters.” - David Fortune, President of Nymi.

Integration with Blue Line's solutions

Integration with Blue Line's solutions

Nymi's state-of-the-art security technology seamlessly integrates with Blue Line's HMI's and CleanTablet solutions in pharmaceutical manufacturing. This integration empowers pharmaceutical manufacturers to streamline user authentication processes, bolster data security, and ensure stringent compliance with industry regulations, all with an ease of use.

Advantages of Nymi's Technology:

  • Streamlined authentication processes, saving time
  • Contactless and hands-free authentication, enhancing ease of use
  • Enhanced data security and compliance with an ease of use approach

Compatibility with existing devices

Utilize Blue Line's add-on technology on existing devices that do not have integrated Nymi Technology, achieving the same benefits in user authentication and data security. This means that pharmaceutical manufacturers can seamlessly integrate into their current infrastructure, maximizing the advantages of multi-factor authentication and biometric login security without the need for specialized Nymi-built devices.

Upholding security and data integrity

Nymi's security solutions play a vital role in upholding security and ensuring data integrity within the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. By leveraging Nymi's technology with HMI's and CleanTablet devices, manufacturers can enforce strict access controls and authentication protocols, aligning with industry regulations such as GMP and FDA requirements for electronic signatures and data security, all with an ease of use.

Embracing a passwordless, contactless approach

Embracing a passwordless, contactless approach

By incorporating Nymi's security technology with HMI's and CleanTablet solutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers can truly embrace a passwordless, contactless, and hands-free approach, revolutionizing the way user authentication is managed within their production environments with an ease of use.

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