Blue Line has a large range of solutions for the chemical industry. Extremely rugged and completely sealed products made of stainless steel, which are easy to clean. Get operationally reliable and secure solutions with a long lifetime for your demanding environment and explosive atmospheres. According to our customers, you will experience a high degree of cooperation during all project phases when you cooperate with Blue Line.

Products ensure operational reliability and security  

In the chemical industry, hardware must function, even in demanding conditions, such as dust, fluids, low or high temperatures, high-pressure cleaning and the risk of explosions. Blue Line’s range of products meets the requirements of the chemical industry.

Handling materials in chemical environment

Industrial computers for harsh environments  

Blue Line’s products for the chemical industry are relevant for everyone who handles dangerous and flammable chemical fluids and materials. Our solutions guarantee absolute safety, regardless of whether they are to be used for automation, visualisation, tracking, quality assurance or process control. 


Waterproof and dust-proof

The products are constructed of stainless steel and a robust, fully encapsulated cabinet, which is dust-proof and waterproof. This means that the products are easy to keep clean and can withstand high-pressure cleaning processes. The products can be used while wearing gloves, have a long lifetime and can be delivered for many years to come. 

Rugged encapsulated cabinet

Ex/ATEX products comply with security standards 

Chemical industries, including the oil and gas industry, have very demanding environments with dangers, for example, due to flammable materials as well as gas, steam, dust or fluids. A prerequisite for this is very operationally reliable electronic equipment and hardware, which can guarantee absolute safety. Blue Line’s series of explosion-proof HMIs/panel PCs have been specially designed for the requirements of chemical industries, including the oil and gas industry.  

atex and iecex symbols