Social Responsibility Policy

Blue Line's success depends on our ability to balance the interests between owners, employees, customers, partners and society.

Blue Line is committed to acting responsibly towards all stakeholders and creating satisfied employees, satisfied customers and at the same time protecting the environment. Therefore, we must continuously improve our processes, products, services and impact on society. 

We are committed to ensuring health, safety and environmental protection in order to serve our customers, employees, stakeholders and the community in which we live and work the best possible way.

Blue Line complies – where practically possible and relevant – with the UN Global Compact's 10 principles for responsible business operations, which include respect for human rights, employee rights, the environment and anti-corruption.

Blue Line's certified management system provides the infrastructure to consistently delivering products and services that meet the customer's and the applicable legal requirements.

To support our social responsibility and ethics, Blue Line follows a number of policies and procedures that contribute to creating transparency about Blue Line's way of doing business. Management audits these at minimum once a year.

The policies are published on our website.

Blue Line undertakes to:

  • Observe a strong DNA and Blue Line's core values
  • Create a work environment that promotes employee engagement, satisfaction and well-being
  • Ensure a culture that promotes diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Initiate activities that reduce the negative impact on the external environment
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty through cooperation and dialogue
  • Ensure process consistency and continuous improvement through feedback from stakeholders, review and audit
  • Ensure and continuously improve IT security, both internally and against external attacks
  • Thwarting corruption