New, versatile, stainless steel IP69K monitors and panel PCs

Choose sizes from 10" to 24" and resistive/capacitive/without touch among our new, versatile, stainless steel IP66/IP69K monitors and panel PCs.


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Blue Line Stainless Steel Monitor and Stainless Steel Panel PC are Blue Line’s new stainless steel monitors and panel PCs, which are ideal for environments where cleaning is done using high-pressure cleaning or aggressive cleaning agents, as well as for industrial environments that need a high degree of resistance to corrosion, such as food processing and chemical or pharmaceutical environments.

Blue Line Stainless Steel Panel PC-7500

Two series with many possibilities, which

  • can withstand a lot. The two series are IP66 / IP69K, which are dust-proof and tolerate high-pressure cleaning water blasting with 80°C hot water with a pressure of up to 100 bar
  • provide a uniform look. Monitor Display and panel PC have the same design
  • are available in many screen sizes (from 10” to 24")
  • are available with projected capacitive, resistive or no touch
  • are extremely cleaning-friendly. Touch can, for example, easily be turned off while cleaning.  

Panel PC can be delivered with an energy-efficient Intel Atom processor or high-performance Core i3 / i5 processor.

Panel PC has a number of options, for example, an RFID reader.

I would like to read more about Blue Line’s new, stainless steel monitor

I would like to read more about Blue Line’s new, stainless steel panel PC