New larger Blue Line domicile provides room for growth and improved delivery security

Blue Line will open the doors to new headquarters in Q1 2023 to ensure our customer’s continuous deliveries, greater warehouse capacity and space for more resources in R&D and administration.

New larger Blue Line domicile

In the last 12 months Blue Line has experienced a revenue growth of 15% - a growth expected to double over the next 5 years. In addition 50% more employees are expected by 2025.

Blue Line will move into the new headquarters in Q1 2023 in order to meet the future growth, as well as ensure deliveries based on expanded storage capacity and strengthened organization in e.g. Supply Chain and R&D. 

The growth is based on a successful international expansion in the EU and North America, which includes several extensive customer collaborations in the pharma, biotech and food industries. The international journey began 5 years ago and currently the international business accounts for 30%.

Blue Line's growth can be credited to the company's unwavering focus on reliability of delivery of IT hardware solutions. Even in turbulent times with difficult delivery conditions, Blue Line has managed to increase the customer base both nationally and internationally.

Blue Line's CEO, Niels Pedersen, tells about the expansion:

“It is in Blue Line's DNA that our customers should be able to sleep soundly at night and not have to worry about supply challenges. Therefore, shareholders and management have decided to move Blue Line to a significantly larger domicile, which will provide an increased robustness in relation to the growth predicted for the company. This allows us to meet both our current and future customers' needs for an increasing number of IT hardware solutions."

The new domicile will be built during 2022 on a 10400 sqm site close to the current domicile in Hinnerup by the motorway. The relocation to the new headquarters means more than a doubling of production capacity, a quadrupling of storage capacity and a significant increased workspace for R&D and administration.

New larger Blue Line domicile