HMI monitor and panel PC for life science – new product range

Easy to keep clean – operable with gloves – mounted with hidden cabling

Elegant stainless steel HMI with integrated PC for life science environments in a design and construction easy to clean and disinfect. Withstands all known cleaning agents and disinfectants. 

Available in several sizes both as monitor and with integrated PC customized to the requirements with option for integration of the newest WIFI 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 technology without visible antennas.


All Blue Line’s HMIs are designed for 24/7 uptime, with a low power consumption, passive cooling and without moving parts for maximum operational reliability.

Did you know that Blue Line supplies globally to the pharmaceutical industry? Contact us here for a non-binding dialogue.

Meet regulatory requirements

Blue Line specialises in IT solutions for biotech, pharmaceutical industries as well as laboratories and pharmacies. Conduct sterile and hygienic work processes in compliance with regulatory requirements, including GMP, FDA, ISO 14644 other relevant standards. 

Operation with gloves

The touch display is operable with gloves which increases both usability and productivity. A typical use case would be three layers of gloves, one layer of cotton gloves and two layers of nitrile/latex or silicone gloves. The touch provides auto calibration for seamless operation. 

Flexible mounting with hidden cabling

When combining Blue Line HMI 8000 with mountings for wall, ceiling, floor or table – all cabling are hidden, which ensures optimal cleaning and prevents accumulations of bacteria.

Cable management - With hidden connectors and cabels

It is also possible to mount the HMI 8000 on the Blue Line Operator Station T3000

If the product does not fully meet the requirements, Blue Line has the capability to configure fully to specific requirements to function, finish and environment. Contact us here.

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